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Insurgency gameserver under Debian

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1. Connect to your server (vserver or rootserver) and login as root 2. Create a own user for the gameserver and do the next steps as user - never start as root! 3. Create a folder for the gameserver mkdir ins 4. Get the steam files for downloading the gameserver wget http://media.steampowered.com/installer/steamcmd_linux.tar.gz 5. tar -xvzf steamcmd_linux.tar.gz 6. ./steamcmd.sh 7. login yoursteamusername yourpasswordhere 8. force_install_dir home/<user>/ins/ 9. app_update 237410 validate 10. go to the gameserver folder and create a cfg file cd /home/<user>/ins/insurgency/cfg 11. change some things in your server.cfg for your server like password and servername If you want, you can copy a example here: http://www.game-database.eu/insurgency/server.cfg 12. start the server with command ./srcds_linux -console +map ministry +maxplayers 32 -ip xxx.xx.xx.xx -port 27015 Tip: Use screen and start the gameserver in the screen, so the gameserver won´t be closed, if you close the connection to the vserver / rootserver. 13. Install screen with apt-get install screen
Insurgency server debian