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Tutorials for Teeworlds

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Where can I download the game Teeworlds? Is this game free?  Yes the game is free, you can download this game on the website of teeworlds. Click here: Teeworlds Download  How can I install a own Teeworlds server? Where can I download it?  1. First download the game 2. Put the folder to desktop 3. Download the server.cfg file here: Download Server.cfg 4. Open the game folder and create a linking of “teeworlds_srv.exe” 5. Change name of the linking “teeworlds_srv.exe” to “Start Server” 6. Now click the linking “Start Server” with your right mouse, go to properties. 7. Now in the properties window you go on target, there you insert after “ at the end a space and after the space the following text: -f server.cfg 8. You have to change your file "server.cfg", this file determines the settings of your server. To change this, you must click your file “server.cfg” with your right mouse button, go to “edit” there. 9. You should see this part now, change these commands sv_name PutServerNameHere sv_maprotation dm1 dm2 dm3 sv_scorelimit 500 sv_timelimit 10 sv_gametype dm sv_warmup 20 sv_port 6882 sv_rcon_password PutYourPasswordHere sv_motd www.Game-Database.eu sv_max_clients 12 sv_spectator_slots 2 10. If you want to play on your own Teeworlds server, you can write as IP in teeworlds: localhost:+port (for example localhost:6889) If your friends don´t want to search your Teeworlds server, you can give them your internet ip. To find out your ip adress, you can go to www.whatismyip.com  Now give your friends the ip in format IP-adress:+port (for example 11. Start your file “Start Server”, have fun!